20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

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20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are SingleLadies, you might not be single forever. Revel in it. Enjoy it. This time you have to learn about yourself and fall in love with yourself is a gift. Make the most of it! Here is a list of 20 dates to take yourself on when you are single.


  1. Take yourself on an ultimate spa date. Pamper yourself with a mani, pedi, and go for the deluxe so you can enjoy the massage. Follow that with a facial if you’re feeling really feisty.

    20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single
    Spa Day
  2. Indulge in an in-home spa day, complete with a bubble bath, scented candles, and wine.

  3. Put on your most comfortable cloths you wouldn’t be caught in public with. Order your favorite take-out food to be delivered to your house. Enjoy a night of  binge watching Netflix and guiltless eating.

  4. Stay in and have an ultimate craft night—coloring, painting, drawing, DIY crafts etc. Feeling social? Invite some friends to join you. Enjoy your favorite cocktails. Don’t forget some great music too.20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

  5. Go to your favorite restaurant, don’t get the same thing you always do, be adventurous and be sure to order something new each time.20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  6. Grab your girls and go all out for an evening out on the town—dress to the nines, and hit up all your favorite hot spots.

  7. Spend a random night in the city and get a hotel. Order room service, check out the bar, enjoy  like a boss.

  8. Grab some friends and go dancing like fools at the local bar.

  9. Get a picnic blanket, snacks, and a journal or book you’ve been meaning to read and bring the to the nearest forest preserve or park. Set up camp and enjoy the day (sun or shade) by relaxing and enjoying some peace and quiet. Turn your cellphone off and enjoy.

  10. Have a beach day just you, some tunes, and of course, snacks.                      20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

  11. Go on a long, relaxing nature walk.

  12. Take yourself to the movies. Be a rule breaker and sneak in your favorite candy.

  13. Go to one of the pretty, touristy places in town and take pictures, grab something to eat at one of the restaurants there, and finish off at a great bakery or coffee shop. 20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  14. Go to a free cooking, sewing, or scrap-booking. If you’re really feeling adventurous try a self  defense class. Enjoy learning something new.

  15. Take a shopping trip by yourself. Enjoy window shopping and treat yourself to at least one thing you don’t really need.

  16. Spend the afternoon volunteering at a homeless shelter feeding those in need or volunteer at a local animal clinic and help, play with, and love on some cute furry friends.

  17. Do something you’re absolutely terrified of completely on your own.

  18. Go to the zoo. Spend the day petting animals, taking pictures, and just having fun on your own. 20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  19. Throw on some chic clothes and go visit a local museum.

  20. Invite some friends over for a BBQ and have everyone bring a dish they haven’t made before.


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  1. Fuji Kitsune

    I like the idea, but many MANY people enjoy being single so I find the “not being single forever” ridiculous.

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