5 Best Shows For Single Women

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When looking for a good TV show, I generally like to find something that I can relate to. Until recently, besides Sex In The City there weren’t really any great shows for singles. Well that has definitely changed. These shows portray all age groups and walks of life. They bring to light the real heartfelt emotion pertaining to single women of all ages and situations. Here we go… 5 Best Shows For Single Women.



5 Best Shows For Single Women

Sex In The City – Sex In The City is a classic show for single women. I truly believe this is a timeless show that shows the struggles, the humor, and the strength of us singles. More importantly it highlights the importance of female friendship. Sex In The City delves into the lives of women between their 30’s and 50’s. Don’t forget once you finish all of the seasons, you absolutely have to watch the movies too!

5 Best Shows For Single Women

Girlfriends’s Guide to Divorce – This is a humorous heartfelt show that is fantastic for single mom’s and divorced women. That is not to say non moms and women who have not been married can’t enjoy this show. Binge worthy for sure!

5 Best Shows For Single Women

Grey’s Anatomy – Grey’s Anatomy is an addicting show that offers a constant flow of relationships that are passionate, sexy, and difficult. The real hardship of breakups, divorce, and even loss of a loved one are also a big part of the show. Grey’s Anatomy makes you laugh, cry, and realize you are not alone in the craziness of relationships and breakups/divorce.

5 Best Shows For Single Women

The Bold Type – The Bold Type is by far one of my favorite new shows. Three friends taking on the big city, new careers, and the intricacies of the dating world. The Bold Type portrays the younger generation, early to mid twenties.

5 Best Shows For Single Women

Being Mary Jane – This is an amazing show that shows a woman in her mid thirties and her dating life through forty. For all of us single women who have made bad choices in relationships, have a career that is challenging, and can be more so because we are women, and all of us who have not been married and are in our 30’s and 40’s. Being Mary Jane is emotional, funny, smart, and real.

So, Mary Jane is a news caster who always includes brilliant quotes in her shows. Check out this link for must not miss quotes from Being Mary Jane. https://bmjquotes.tumblr.com/


We all want to feel like we are not alone. Being single or even dating in today’s day and age can make you feel isolated and even crazy. The women in these shows let us know we are not alone. This is life. The good, the bad, and the ugly these shows share them all with us.



I use my Fire TV Stick to catch all of these great shows.



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