5 Things You Should Know About Your Mother

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1. Mothers are HUMAN – it is unfair and unrealistic to assume mothers should not have flaws. I believe that we all want our parents to be these superhuman people, who are perfect. Reality they are human and trying to do their best.

2. Mothers have the best of intentions for their children – Are you sure you want to do that? You really need to quit smoking. And on and on it goes. Yet as annoying as it can be, we really need to take a step back from the situation. They are not trying to hurt us, and it hurts them deeply to watch their children in possible harms way.

3. They are a woman with a story – Our mothers had lives before us. They were not always just “our mom”. We all roll our eyes at our mothers and sometimes think they are uncool or don’t understand. My mother was the epitome of cool in her day. She saw Janice Joplin live, went on marches, hung out in the Village, and had some seriously hunky boyfriends. They were “cool” before us.

4. Mothers DO NOT get a day off – My older sister is 40. So my mother has not had a day off in 40 years. They don’t get to quit. Whether they are on their period or they have the flu mothers can’t just check out. Mothers are always their for their children, even when they are grown. They answer the phone in the middle of the night or talk to us for hours.

5. Your mother will be THE MOST loyal person in your life – No matter what you do or how badly you may have hurt her feelings, your mother will always be there for you.

Mother daughter relationships can definitely be complicated. There might be times when you drive each other crazy. But keep in mind your mother is human, she is not perfect, she has flaws. But, she LOVES you. We tend to take time for granted, when it comes to our mothers don’t. These 5 things you should know about your mother are better to realize before she is gone.

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