Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be

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Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be

In today’s age of everyone’s perfect lives on social media, we find ourselves competing with unrealistic ideas of how our lives should be. Many of us also tone down or change who we are to make others happy, or to get the lives we think we want. Well, it’s exhausting. Becoming the person you were meant to be is imperative to finding happiness. 

So the question is how do we become the person we are meant to be? We see it all the time: Be You! Become Yourself! But no one actually shares with us how to do that. Whether it be sitting for hours and getting false eyelashes glued to your face (which I have done many times) or something deeper like changing who you are as a person, we all do things to change who we are. So how do we become the person we were meant to be. 

The truth is it won’t always be easy or pretty. It will take work. More importantly it will take making mistakes, failure, disappointment, reading (a lot), and that’s just to name a few. Remember to focus on the person that you are, and not the person you wish that you were.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

E.E. Cummings

So take a minute and ask yourself, how do I stop being who I am not?

Stop working on trying to be normal and start working on being you. Be authentic.
You have to be honest with yourself about what you are passionate about and who it is you really want to be, despite what others think and the social “norm”.

You will odds are feel regret about things from your past. Don’t dwell on them. Use them as learning lessons and move forward.

Stop berating yourself. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot be something or are not worthy of something, it will be a self full filling prophesy. Your truth really is you can be anything that you put your mind to!

Find your truth.
 Every person has something they were born to do. You have a unique purpose for being here, and you have to find it.

So remember learn who you are, love who you are, and live who you are.

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