Dating Today Sucks and Here’s Why

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  1. Dating Today Sucks and Here's Why

Dating Today Sucks and Here’s Why:

Everyone is a commitmentphobe talking to multiple people at all times. People are so busy looking for something better, that they don’t build a relationship with anyone. Most dating is online instead of IRL, which is awkward and tedious. In this new digital age of communication, it is as if people no longer know how to truly interact with others in a meaningful way.


How can you ever make a real connection when you are battling cat fishers, competing with endless other people, ghosting, and countless other insanities. You have to be prepared for the ceaseless stream of first date interviews (sometimes worse than an actual job interview), most over obligatory coffee. Even if you battle through and ace your first date, that is where the real games begin.
People don’t date anymore, they hang out. They text at midnight seeing who will respond. They play games. Well, we had a great date now I can’t text for three days. They get a text that makes them smile, but put the phone down because they can’t respond to quickly, in fear of looking desperate. The emotional tug of war that comes with today’s dating is exhausting.
I’ve been single long enough to know these games, but that doesn’t mean that I want to play them. There is nothing more vial then people who purposely play with others emotions just because they can. Man up people, it’s okay to like someone, it’s okay not to like someone. It is not okay to act like you like someone and then disappear with no explanation.


The millennial’s version of “dating” is sad. It’s not our fault, this is how society is training us. Welcome to the new world of confessing our feelings over text and social media, but a real face to face relationship is no longer the norm.
I am not looking for a pen pal do not message me for weeks on end with no intention of meeting IRL.   Don’t ask me to come “watch Netflix and chill”. Don’t text me at 1 a.m. on a Saturday because I won’t be impressed. Don’t expect to get laid, I am not DTF. Let’s keep it simple, try just not being a douche.


How can anyone find this millennial dating fulfilling?  Meaningless “hangouts”, shallow people, and obsession with finding something better. If so many people are unhappy about this, then let’s force a change.  Let’s start by respecting other people’s feelings. Let’s stop accepting behavior that is the new “norm” and start holding out for behavior that is worthy of us.


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2 thoughts on “Dating Today Sucks and Here’s Why

  1. Jefrey Barnes

    Trust me, it gets much harder to try this when you are older! Never mind having to deal with it as a millennial! That is pretty much how irl dating was at that age for most of my generation. We just did it face to face! Lol. But, doing this in my 40s, has really made me just want to give up on the concept of dating at all. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life, than chase women who never want to meet in person, or are still waiting for the fairy tale Disney romance we grew up on. Much less painful, and no more wasted time!

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