How To Live Single And Happy

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How To Live Happily Ever After

It is hard to not be bombarded with engagements and wedding with social media and reality TV. Happiness is a choice, so you can chose to be a Bitter Betty or you can decide to be happy. I have been seeing so much bitterness in single communities lately. It inspired me to share how to live single and happy.

One of the biggest mistakes women make is putting their lives on hold while waiting for their Prince Charming. Don’t push the pause button on living your life because you are waiting for someone to create your happily ever after. Start living your happily ever after right now.It is impossible to live happily ever after and be a Bitter Betty at the same time. Now this is not to say that when living single you will never feel a pang of envy or longing. However, you can decide to revel in your bitterness, or you can decide to live happy.

It takes courage to truly live being single. Having to take trips by yourself, planning for the future, and not hold back on any of your goals. A question you should really ask yourself is won’t I be happier doing this alone then with an ex who made me unhappy? Won’t I be happier achieving my goals then living on pause?

One of the most important things to remember is living single DOES NOT mean living alone! I would never be who I am or where I am without my fierce lady tribe. My tribe is an equal mix of married and single. My married friends never judge me, they never make me feel like a third wheel, and most importantly they never make me feel damaged. Living your happily ever after is so much easier with a tribe who supports you.

Prior to being happily single, I could not list things that I was passionate about. Having to tell someone what my hobbies were? Impossible. I never took the time to figure all of that out. Pursue your passions. Begin doing things you have always wanted to. Put your baggage to rest, dea I l with whatever lingering issues you have with your ex or relationships in general deal with it now.

Lastly, living happily ever after single, does not mean that you do not eventually want to find someone. It means you cannot be consumed with meeting the perfect person and going through the motions of life until you do. Take advantage of the time you have by yourself and live your life to the fullest.

I hope you enjoyed How To Live Single And Happy. Check out my blog What I Have Learned Being Single.

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