My Journey To Self Love

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My Journey To Self Love
Self Love is the new #relationshipgoals

When I used to think of self love, I thought about accepting and loving my body/my looks. Since starting on my journey to self love, I realized it is so much more than that. Learning to care for your mind, body, and soul is true self love. 


If you struggle with self love like many of us do, I think it is important to do some soul searching. Try to figure out why you have a hard time loving yourself. If you can face something from your past, that makes it hard to love yourself, it will make it easier to get past it.

My journey to self love has been a constant battle. Finding it in me to say no to people, taking time to myself, instead of doing something to benefit others, and honestly figuring out what self love is personally. One thing I have learned in my journey, is that self love does not come easily or naturally. It is really something that needs to be worked at.

Going to the gym, excising, and eating healthy are habits that I have learned are necessary for self love. I do not do this for the perfect weight, complexion, or smile, but so I feel healthy. Yes, I exercise to maintain a healthy weight, but more importantly, I exercise for my anxiety and a good nights sleep.

One of the best things that has come from my journey to self love is my confidence has grown. I have also learned to steer clear of negativity. I do not care if it is friends, family, co workers, any one who brings negativity to my life is someone I do not want to be around.

The journey to self love will be different for everyone. Self love is not something we are born with, nor is it something we are usually taught at a young age. It is something we must discover for ourselves.


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2 thoughts on “My Journey To Self Love

  1. I am with you on this journey. I know it must have taken a lot to put these words down but they are so important. IT isn’t an easy job, but we have to do it to maintain our sanity. Others will also respect us more when they see we are standing up for ourselves. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

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