New Years Resolutions For Singles

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New Years Resolutions For Singles

The new year is a time we all reflect on the past year. It is also a time that we look ahead and make goals for the year to come. I always find myself excited and hopeful about my upcoming year. I believe that it is truly important to focus on bettering myself and my life rather than focusing on how to find that “special someone”.  Here are New Year’s Resolutions for singles that will help you to  discover yourself  and better your life.



Make a commitment to your personal self-improvement.
Have you been wanting to learn a new language? Is there a kickboxing class you have wanted to try? Make realistic goals about health, fitness, mental and emotional self-improvement and follow through on them.

Get out of your comfort zone
This New Year get out of your comfort zone. Make a conscious effort to say yes to trying new things and opening up to new opportunities.  Whether it be trying a new food or taking a class by yourself, Go for it! I have learned that the more I get out of my comfort zone the more I find things that I love.

Have a better attitude
It is easy to become bitter and pessimistic during the holidays, especially when you are single. Heading into the New Year being single, is the perfect time to be happy and optimistic about the upcoming year and all of the possibilities that it can bring. When you are bogged down with negative thoughts and expectations you are your own worst enemy. Don’t let your negativity become a self-fulfilling prophesy. 

Smile More Often

As we move through life, we can get distracted, overwhelmed, and just plain busy. Stop and take a second to smile. Not only will smiling more actually make you happier, it will positively affect those around you. As for yourself, smiling actually releases endorphins. This means you will physically feel the effects of smiling more!


Take care of yourself

When looking at the year ahead, don’t let self care fall by the way side. I know we can get busy and overwhelmed, even by our own goals. Self-care is a must for everyone! Make a promise to yourself to take the time to practice self-care in the upcoming year. Whether it is getting a massage regularly or something as simple as going to bed a little bit earlier, this might be one of your most important resolutions!


Leave the Past in the Past
Leaving the past in the past is something I really struggle with. I also know that this will be a resolution that I work on most. By no means am I saying that you have to forgive and forget. I am saying that in order to be healthy and happy for me I know I must stop focusing on the past and look on making a better future and living in the moment. Whether you hold anger, animosity, or resentment toward others, or you hold guilt for yourself, it is time to leave the past in the past.

There are far better things ahead than we leave in the past

C.S. Lewis

No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, make sure they make your life better. Make yourself a promise to be a healthier and happier you! Happy New Year to you all.


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