Online Dating Making Women Want To Stay Single

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As we get older our lives become hectic, between work and other adult responsibilities. Getting a date with the click of a button sounds great. How much easier is it with our busy lives to just go onto an app from our phones to hopefully meet our Mr. Right? But is online dating making women want to stay single.

After being single for a year and a half, I decided to get back in the game. Being 34 years old, working 50 hours a week,  and pretty much being over the club scene I was at a loss on how to meet someone. Everywhere we look online dating advertisements showing success story after success story, I decided this was it. Match, Bumble, Tinder, Zoosk and so on I had decisions to make.

I tried every one with little success. The entire ordeal has actually put me back off of dating and I have taken down almost all of my profiles. Nervous like a little school girl I combed through all of my photos to pick just the right ones. Now on to the hard part, your profile. Filling out my resume was less nerve racking and to be honest much easier than this.

Okay so your profile is ready to go and it is time to start swiping. It Can Be A Huge Ego Boost At First. Hundreds of matches, guys winking at you, it’s a whole new world. But then the ugly reality of online dating starts to set in. Masked by the anonymity of approaching you through messaging, men have the courage to lose regard for manners, decency, and lets be honest normal human behavior.

So I enlisted other women to share their online dating experiences with me. Even after all that I had experienced, I was shocked by what they had to say. Their stories ranged from men being married to after a few messages being asked to participate in threesomes. And how can we forget catfishing. Lucy Goes Dating @LucyGoesDating who I follow on Twitter Googled the photo of a catfisher who was attempting to engage her. She then called him out on the fact that is was a models photo. I was inspired by her at this moment!

Here we go…this is my list of why online dating makes women want to stay single:

Young men (I mean very young) messaging you because they think that you are a cougar or desperate because of your age.

No profile picture – I don’t know about you, but that just sends up warning signs all over the place for me.

Online dating making women want to stay single

Grammatically incorrect messages –

Online dating making women want to stay single

Bizarre requests – Yes, you are reading that right, a guy asked me to fart on him!

Online dating making women want to stay single


Naked Pictures – Sorry ladies these photos are to X rated for my blog!

Guys who wear fuzzy animal onesies –

Online dating making women want to stay single

Dirty or inappropriate messages –

Yes, calling a woman you have only exchanged a few messages with babe is inappropriate.

Online dating making women want to stay single Provided by: Dates, Dinner and Drinks @datesanddrinks

Online dating making women want to stay singleOnline dating making women want to stay single

Mmmmm niceing any woman as a way of greeting is gross, especially if you are 21 years her senior.

Online dating making women want to stay singleAsking a woman if she is 420 friendly as your greeting? Really? By the way it is 11 AM on a Monday, don’t you have a job?


Trying to have a conversation with some of these guys is like pulling teeth. Guys on dating apps don’t have any conversation skills.

DO NOT message us saying that you have seen us on other dating sites, followed by the fact that you thought you would reach out to us on this one.  I didn’t miss you, I swiped left. For a reason. Now in addition to making things awkward you have shown you have no regard for boundaries and our right to not be interested.

Lastly, ghosting – Now I must be honest here, we ladies do it too. It’s time for all of us to grow up and use our big boy/girl words and be nicely honest. We’re just not interested in you.

I don’t know about you, but I am Exhausted! While online dating can be fun and exciting, it can also be bad for your self-esteem. I have heard more then one woman say I thought I was a 7, but maybe I’m really only a 3. Even if you seem to have found a good one, you go on the obligatory coffee date and here we go with the pseudo job interview. Of course if it doesn’t work out you just go on another forced date. It becomes a nightmarish version of the movie Groundhog Day. This is why online dating makes women want to stay single.

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A bad version of the movie Groundhog day!




6 thoughts on “Online Dating Making Women Want To Stay Single

  1. rachel

    this is such a good read. it is true that dating now is so complicated and so many weirdos are out there. good content 😁

  2. Jef Barnes

    Actually, for the guys who are trying to meet women online, we have our own issues. Due to the regular filth that seems to congregate at these sites, most women will lead you on for months, with zero intention of meeting. I have also had a few women play the game of wanting a relationship, so that they can eventually get you to feel comfortable enough to sleep with them, and either get ghosted, or the dreaded phone call… you know, I’m just not ready for a relationship, and you are such a nice guy, that you deserve better. My ultimate favorite though? They chat with you for awhile, and things are going great! Eventually, plans are made for an amazing date. Then, just before the date, they let you know that you will require an id verification form, that can only be received online, via your credit card. I have read articles of guys losing up to $150, thinking they got what they need, and boom, the good old catphish routine. With your cc # floating around around central asia somewhere. Is crazy for all of us out there!

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