Safety Harbor Spa

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Safety Harbor Spa

Have you ever just needed to unplug from the world and recharge? Well, The Safety Harbor Spa is the perfect place for you. There is no better place to unwind and practice self-love all day. The safety harbor spa offers a 50,000 square foot spa and fitness center and so much more.

When visiting the spa, you will first receive a robe and a locker key. Once you get them you will walk through a door that leads to the spa. Tranquility hits you right a way. In the women’s locker room there is a lounge to relax, fresh lemon water, tea and coffee. Soft music plays in the background. Once you change into your robe you are ready to go.

Directly outside of the locker room you will find steam rooms, sauna, and a natural spring water pool. If that isn’t enough there is also two other natural spring water pools, whirlpools, and a fitness center. You get all day access to all of this if you book even just one service. But why settle for just one? Go to their website and check out their daily deals.

Safety Harbor Spa

Safety Harbor Spa

This is the bath area. This picture is from one of my visits a few years ago. They have updated this area so that all baths are in private rooms.

I try to go once a year. The list of services offered is large and diverse. Facials, massages, and body treatments oh my. From personal experience, I can tell you that the facials, massages, herbal wraps, and the Espiritu Springs Mineral Bath are all fantastic options. They offer a plethora of services for men as well.

In between services you can head up to the main restaurant in your robe. It might seem odd at first, but it is really quite nice. The menu is vast and the food is wonderful. Make sure that you bring your appetite.

Safety Harbor SpaSafety Harbor Spa

Customer service is the best I have ever seen. The spa manager Heather Blake was fabulous. She went above and beyond to make my visit perfect. When talking to her, you will feel like you are old friends.

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect location. The spa is located at the end of Main St. Main St is literally covered with remarkable bars, restaurants, art galleries, bookstores and more.

Disconnecting from everything is so beneficial and much needed. When visiting the Safety Harbor Spa I turn my phone off. No talking, texting or social media. I do bring a book to read while eating. Serenity guaranteed!

You can go for the day or spend the weekend. Check out The Safety Harbor Spa!


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