20 Dates For Singles To Go On Solo

20 Dates For Singles To Go On Solo

20 Dates For Singles To Go On SoloAs I sit here writing this, I am sitting at a local Starbucks, drinking my favorite Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato, on a date with myself. I wasn’t always able to take myself on dates because I was mortified of going out in public places alone. Once I decided to really dedicate myself to being single and focusing on being a better version of myself it started to get a little easier. Now I am so confident that I will walk into a 5 star restaurant with a book and demand to be sat at a table, not the bar because I am there alone.

Taking yourself on dates might be outside of your comfort zone, but once you do it, you will fall in love with it. Even though I wrote this for singles, I truly believe that even if you are in a relationship you should take yourself on solo dates. Granted when single a person will probably go on more solo dates then when in a relationship. However, it is important for everyone to spend some time with themselves.

  1. Go to a concert you have been wanting to see. It doesn’t matter if you have great seats, or even get lawn seats. Sing along, dance around, have fun!
  2. Buy yourself a new video game, go home, turn your phone off, and order delivery. Enjoy playing your new game in peace.
  3. Take your dog mans best friend to the dog park for the afternoon.
  4. Don’t have a dog? Go to a local dog shelter. Offer to walk the dogs to give them some love and exercise.
  5. A long drive. Bring your favorite playlist. Roll the windows down and feel the wind on your face. Taking a long scenic drive with some great music is extremely relaxing.
  6. Go to a beach or local park and watch the sunset. Sunsets aren’t just for couples and cliche proposals; they’re beautiful and relaxing for everybody. Get there  20 minutes before sun down. Bring a good snack, a book or journal and sit back and enjoy.
  7. Take yourself zip-lining somewhere both thrilling and beautiful.
  8. Take a class nobody would want to do with you – pottery, improv comedy, cooking, or woodworking. Immerse yourself in it.
  9. Go people watching. This is one of my favorite. Just make sure it is somewhere appropriate so you are not that creepy person. Put down the phone and grab a cup of coffee and sit back and watch. Create stories about the people passing by.
  10. An overnight getaway. Who doesn’t say they need more vacation time? There’s no reason why you can’t book yourself a romantic evening away for one, even if it’s a local hotel and all you do is order room service, take advantage of the pool and gym, and sleep in.
  11. Go for a bike ride. Ride your bike around town or find a great scenic route or trail.
  12. Get lost in a museum. Whether it’s discovering new artworks or marveling at an ancient piece of history, the experience is very personal. Go at your own pace and feel what moves you.
  13. Go to a comedy club.  Head down to your local comedy club and laugh until your ribs hurt. You won’t regret it.
  14. Go see a live show. Wicked, Les Miserables, Fiddler On The Roof, these are just a few of the shows I’ve seen and I loved them all!
  15. Go see a movie your friends wouldn’t normally go to with you. And you don’t have to share the popcorn.
  16. Lay in the grass and relax watching the clouds. Make sure to turn your phone off.
  17. Go to the planetarium.
  18. Find a local food festival and enjoy guiltless indulgent eating.
  19. Do something festive for whatever holiday is coming up (Drive around and look at Halloween decorations or Christmas lights).
  20. Sitting by a window as it’s raining outside and you are curled up with a glass of wine and a good book.

Taking yourself on solo dates will help you to fall more in love with yourself. You deserve that whether you’re in a relationship or not. I  actually believe that it’s sometimes even more important when you’re in a relationship,  so you don’t lose your own identity within the relationship. When I go on solo dates, I get to know myself better. I allow myself to experience things in a new way. So, pick one, or try them all. Go take yourself on a solo date! Above all, enjoy yourself.

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20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are SingleLadies, you might not be single forever. Revel in it. Enjoy it. This time you have to learn about yourself and fall in love with yourself is a gift. Make the most of it! Here is a list of 20 dates to take yourself on when you are single.


  1. Take yourself on an ultimate spa date. Pamper yourself with a mani, pedi, and go for the deluxe so you can enjoy the massage. Follow that with a facial if you’re feeling really feisty.

    20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single
    Spa Day
  2. Indulge in an in-home spa day, complete with a bubble bath, scented candles, and wine.

  3. Put on your most comfortable cloths you wouldn’t be caught in public with. Order your favorite take-out food to be delivered to your house. Enjoy a night of  binge watching Netflix and guiltless eating.

  4. Stay in and have an ultimate craft night—coloring, painting, drawing, DIY crafts etc. Feeling social? Invite some friends to join you. Enjoy your favorite cocktails. Don’t forget some great music too.20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

  5. Go to your favorite restaurant, don’t get the same thing you always do, be adventurous and be sure to order something new each time.20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  6. Grab your girls and go all out for an evening out on the town—dress to the nines, and hit up all your favorite hot spots.

  7. Spend a random night in the city and get a hotel. Order room service, check out the bar, enjoy  like a boss.

  8. Grab some friends and go dancing like fools at the local bar.

  9. Get a picnic blanket, snacks, and a journal or book you’ve been meaning to read and bring the to the nearest forest preserve or park. Set up camp and enjoy the day (sun or shade) by relaxing and enjoying some peace and quiet. Turn your cellphone off and enjoy.

  10. Have a beach day just you, some tunes, and of course, snacks.                      20 Dates To Take Yourself On When You Are Single

  11. Go on a long, relaxing nature walk.

  12. Take yourself to the movies. Be a rule breaker and sneak in your favorite candy.

  13. Go to one of the pretty, touristy places in town and take pictures, grab something to eat at one of the restaurants there, and finish off at a great bakery or coffee shop. 20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  14. Go to a free cooking, sewing, or scrap-booking. If you’re really feeling adventurous try a self  defense class. Enjoy learning something new.

  15. Take a shopping trip by yourself. Enjoy window shopping and treat yourself to at least one thing you don’t really need.

  16. Spend the afternoon volunteering at a homeless shelter feeding those in need or volunteer at a local animal clinic and help, play with, and love on some cute furry friends.

  17. Do something you’re absolutely terrified of completely on your own.

  18. Go to the zoo. Spend the day petting animals, taking pictures, and just having fun on your own. 20 Dates To Take Yourself On

  19. Throw on some chic clothes and go visit a local museum.

  20. Invite some friends over for a BBQ and have everyone bring a dish they haven’t made before.


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What I have learned being single

What I Have Learned Being Single

This is the first time in my life that I have really been single. When it comes to relationships, I have bounced around like the ball in a pinball machine. Bouncing along from one relationship to another. This began at the early age of 15. I never took the time to live, to discover, or to establish myself. Sharing what I have learned being single will hopefully inspire others.

My second to last relationship should have been my grand finale. When I finally got out of that relationship, there was literally nothing left of me. I’m stubborn, so I jumped into one last relationship. Shame on me. I had no business being with anyone but myself. I was expecting miracles from my last boyfriend. How could he ever love me, when I didn’t even love myself? Being that I never took the time to figure out who I was, how could I love myself?

I have now been single for almost a year and a half. This is what I have learned since being single:
* I am funny.
* I am strong.
* I am independent.
* I love to cook…and I’m good at it.
* I love to travel.
* I NEED to practice self-care.
* I enjoy running.
* I HATE metal music.
* My opinion matters.
* My family will always be there, and no relationship should change that.
* I have the best ride or die friends.
* I can take care of myself.
* I shouldn’t have to take care of someone else.
* I can live without sex.
* Being in a relationship should never change who you are.
* Your validation as a person doesn’t come from being in a relationship.
* I don’t want to die not having had lived.


Finally having given myself time, I have a good I idea of who I am. By no means do I want to be in another relationship right now. Truly, I am enjoying my freedom, which I have never had before. As a matter of fact, I am not ready for this journey of self discovery to end. This is what I have learned being single, in a relatively short period of time. I am excited to see what I will learn as my journey continues. Never stay in a bad or unhealthy relationship because you are scared to start over. You can chose the life you are going to live. This video inspired me on my journey, hopefully it will inspire you too. 

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BEGIN LOVING YOURSELF. A heart with the word love on top of an open journal


BEGIN LOVING YOURSELF. A heart with the word love on top of an open journal
Like anything worthwhile in life, learning to love yourself will take work. Self-love is not a switch that can be turned on and off. It took me time, effort, and dedication to learn to love myself. Everyone has their own baggage, so there is no cookie cutter answer for everyone. I can only share what I have experienced and what has worked for me. With this in mind, hopefully my experience will help you to begin loving yourself too. So, let’s see how to begin loving yourself 5 easy steps.

Learning to love yourself, the first part of that is LEARNING. So the only way to learn is to have a teacher, a guide, or something to help show you the way. Everyone needs help, we just need to be brave enough to let our guard down to accept it.

  •   Therapy – The first step I had to take to learning to love myself was going to therapy. This is much scarier and more difficult than one would think. I am an expert at keeping up my defenses. So I had to grit my teeth, make an appointment, and my journey began. Therapy was essentially my first step onto the journey of learning to love myself. Due to the stigma attached to therapy, this might make some uncomfortable. There is no shame in therapy whatsoever.
    In addition to talking to my therapist and learning from her, she referred several books to me. These books changed my life. Not only did they help me to love myself, but helped me to improve relationships I had with my family.
  •  The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom – Although it was a little difficult to get into in the very beginning, it really helped me in my outlook and relationships with those around me.

  •  The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts – This is not just a book for those in relationships or trying to be in a relationship. Absolutely wonderful book.

  •  You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – The title alone is empowering and got my attention. Great read.

  • Journal – I am a firm believer in journaling. Writing about things I am grateful for, goals that I have, things that I have accomplished, and experiences that I have gone through help me to better appreciate my life and myself. This helps me to feel grateful, proud of myself, and work through certain issues I have with things I have gone through. Journaling will absolutely help you in the process to love yourself.
  • Affirmations – Sigh, eye roll. Yes, I said it, affirmations. I used to hate when people would tell me this. One day I got a wild hair to really work on being more positive and changing my life. When getting ready in the morning and before going to bed at night, I began listening to positive affirmations. You know what? I started to see a difference in my attitude and my life. You can find FREE affirmation videos to listen to on YouTube. This is one of my favorite morning affirmations to listen to on YouTube https://youtu.be/XiMguQXX-q0
Self-care – Self-care is especially important. I started to really pay attention to how I was taking care of myself and realized I was seriously lacking. We give 100% to our friends, family, career, etc. How much do we give to ourselves? I realized that in order to truly love myself, I had to take care of myself. That means something different to each of us. To me, that meant making an effort to take my makeup off every night, wash my face, and use moisturizer. I put serum on my eyelashes. Walking every morning and trying to work out on my lunch breaks are now a part of my regular routine. In addition to that, I try to get enough sleep. It is all a matter of finding out what it means for you.

We put time, energy, and money into so many things. We will spend money and time on maintaining our homes, our vehicles, our family, and more. Yet, why is it so difficult for us to spend time and money to better ourselves? We are happy to spend money on those we love, but not on the journey to love ourselves. Above all you are important enough to invest in! The journey to being able to fully love yourself will take time, money, and sometimes make you take a long hard look at things you might not want to. Once you do, you will never forget it! Check out Fabulously Single on Facebook to get more tips on self-love and how to love being single! https://www.facebook.com/fabulouslysinglelife/

Hopefully How To Begin Loving Yourself 5 Easy Steps has inspired you to begin your journey of self love. If it has, check out my blog Self Love http://www.fabulouslysingle.life/self-love/

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Self Love

Self Love – Work To Love Yourself

What I Have Learned Being Single

Self love. Self love is something everyone talks about in today’s society, something that is promoted and desperately sought after. How many of us really deep down love ourselves and aren’t afraid to say it out loud? My own self-love is something I battle with constantly. I have been working on it regularly. I listen to daily affirmations every morning while getting ready, I stretch, workout, try my hardest to take care of myself, yet it still isn’t enough. So I did some research and bought a few books. I try to read a little bit each day. I bought the 21 day self-love challenge and I love it! The author starts out bluntly and sarcastically, which is right up my alley. I am still reading it, there is a lesson (only a page or so for each day). It really made me smile and start to change my attitude so I had to share it. I hope you love it as much as I do!


If you are interested in more great information on self love, come check out my blog: http://www.fabulouslysingle.life/how-to-begin-loving-yourself-5-easy-steps/


Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is perception.  Recently I attended a wedding and I was very nervous. I hadn’t seen the majority of the people in attendance in years. My perception was that I was going to be judged for my life choices. At the forefront of those choices, still being single. Once I arrived my nerves gradually diminished. As I made my way around the room  everyone was genuinely happy to see me. There was no perceived judgment toward me. I must admit, I have a terrible fear of what others think of me. This is something I have been working on  for quite some time. This along with some other self growth journeys I will tell you about later.

One topic in particular is what really brought about the idea for today’s blog. A guy I went to school with from eighth grade through high school, made a comment that quite literally took me by surprise.  He started telling a story about how attractive I was back then, and that there were a list of guys who liked me. I was flabbergasted, as I always felt awkward and unattractive.  Never in a million years would I have guessed  that that was the case.

I guess what I am getting at here is that our perception of ourselves is often times not validated by anyone but ourselves.  Had I let my fear and nerves win, I never would have made my way around that room. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to speak to so many wonderful people who were a big part of my young life. Most importantly, I wouldn’t have learned that they still loved me, no judgment.

As some of the most important people in my life tell me, what you are thinking others are judging you for is really your own fears causing you to judge yourself. We women have so much love in our hearts, lets make an effort to give some of that love to ourselves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we need to make an effort to see our own beauty. Please take the time to watch this amazing video below. Thank you all for allowing me to share with you! Until next time…