The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

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Let’s face it, we as women will spend exorbitant amounts of time and money to be “prettier” and look the way we “should”. Now don’t get me wrong, I myself consider some of the things we put ourselves through to be self care. However, some practices cross a line, especially when they have physical hazards.

Society tell us to look a certain way, and we not only listen but we spent countless hours and a ton of money to do so.

I don’t know about you, but I keep my fingers and toes done at all times. That means going to a salon twice a month for two hours costing about $85. I get Keratin treatment for my hair every 3 months sitting in a salon for about 5 hours. That costs about $200. I also get my hair colored regularly taking about an hour and a half costing about $100. This does not include the occasional facial or all of the products we use.

While getting my nails one day, the woman doing my nails asked if I wanted to get eyelash extensions. I of course said yes, even though I had beautiful eyelashes at the time. I had to schedule a time to come back because it takes about 2 hours for your first set. The cost was insane, but I wanted beautiful long eyelashes that looked great all of the time.

In the very beginning they looked great and I was getting complimented all of the time. I ignored that I was spending a fortune, because I had to get a fill every two weeks. As time went on, and I began to get itchy eyes after getting my fills, I ignored that too. Then the real kicker came, I left the salon and as the day went on, my eyes began to itch terribly and began to swell. I tried taking Benadryl and putting ice packs on me eyes to no avail.

It was time for me to go to the emergency clinic. So while I had to explain to the doctor what happened, quite embarrassed, he looked at me like I was crazy for subjecting myself to the process. He asked me if there was a way to remove them, there wasn’t. Antibiotics and steroids it was. After a few days all symptoms went away and I had my great eyelashes.

Now that I was addicted to my new eyelashes, I stupidly chalked my reaction up to a one time thing, since I had done it for so long without issue. I went back again and the same thing happened. Back to the doctor I went. I was now warned that the reactions would only continue to get worse. Round two antibiotics and steroids.

Now I began to do some online research, and what I found was horrifying. But I can be quite stubborn, so I tried tips from others on how to avoid a reaction. I took Benadryl prior to my eyelash fill, and when I was done. I iced my eyes almost immediately. Finally, I released  I had to stop because IT WAS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!

The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

As time went on I began to lose the last of my extensions. I looked in the mirror and panicked. My real eyelashes had been falling out and were damaged overall. Now I had to figure out how to fix the mess I made.

Back to researching I went. To my surprise there were a few alternatives. Eye lash serum was one. I have begun to use a serum myself. If you wash an old mascara tube well, along with the applicator you can fill it with castor oil and apply nightly. Work with what you have and use an eyelash primer and mascara.

I use Hairgenics Lavish Lash. I put it on right before bed every night (when I remember).

They say to put mascara on while your primer is still wet, but I was told by an Ulta associate to use while primer is still wet. I love this primer!

Fantastic mascara and I love this applicator!

We all want to be beautiful, to be our best, and to fit society’s definition of what we should be. But we must ask ourselves, at what cost to ourselves? In addition to an allergic reaction, you are also putting yourself at risk for bacterial and fungal infections. The cost is just another factor that could persuade women that this is not a good option.

Don’t be stubborn like me. Forget about eyelash extensions and embrace eyelash serums, primer, and mascara. Enjoy spending that $120-$300 on something else to pamper yourself with.


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