Tips On How To Handle Being Ghosted

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Tips On How To Handle Being Ghosted

Ghosting – although extremely cruel is also very popular. If you are single in this digital world of dating, odds are you will be ghosted at least once. Confrontation is not something most people look forward to, so ghosting makes ending things easy and painless for the ghoster. The ghostee however, has an array of emotions they must now battle through. Hurt, pain, and confusion are at the top of the list. With this new epidemic of ghosting, we must learn how to handle being ghosted. So here are some tips on how to handle being ghosted.

First and foremost don’t jump the gun. Make sure you have actually been ghosted before reacting. Sometimes people get busy and can’t text as often as they did in the beginning. If you text someone and get no reply at all yes you’ve been ghosted. But if you are only getting one text a day, when you were getting multiple, it’s not so clear.


Now if you are anything like me, you will call them out on it. If you decide to call them out on it do not expect a response or explanation. Cowards are cowards, but it might make you feel better. The last guy that ghosted me prompted me to write The Epidemic Of Ghosting. I sent him a text calling him a coward and thanked him for the inspiration for my blog post. I included the link for him.


Once you call them out ONCE leave it alone. Firstly, you don’t want to look crazy. Don’t give them a reason to justify ghosting you. Secondly, you will not get what you are looking for.  As difficult and frustrating as it might be, nothing you do will get you the answers that you are looking for.

Now comes the most important things. Delete every form of contact. This isn’t just for you, but to cut them off from trying to contact you again. Delete their number. Block them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and anything else they can contact you with. They showed you no respect, there are no do overs.


It’s not you, it’s them! You did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. You are not to blame for their cowardice. Stop second guessing everything you said and did.

Remember how amazing you are and that you deserve better. Be grateful that they are no longer in your life. Not only do you not want such a weak person in your life, but imagine how shity they would be in other aspects of a relationship with this kind of behavior.

Give yourself one good cry. Call your friends and have a couple of drinks commiserating over what an ass your ghoster is. Vent and cry, make sure you get it all out.


Lastly have a good laugh at the ghosters expense. I’m talking about belly laughs at the man with no balls. Who better then your ride or die girls to shred this POS with?


Now pick up your big girl  panties and move on. Remember the queen that you are and go about your life. Don’t give them a second thought.

Don’t forget to come check out The Epidemic Of Ghosting


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4 thoughts on “Tips On How To Handle Being Ghosted

  1. Wow, my past self could’ve used this article! Hopefully the future self won’t lol! Very good. All accurate points. Ghosting sucks! I have definitely been working on being honest and confrontational in my own life because it is hard but it is worse to get ghosted.

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